e-Biz World Conference 2005 " Invitation to Emerging World of e-Business"

March 23, 2005 Wednesday
Grand Ballroom, Millennium Hilton Hotel, Seoul, Korea
Organized by Society for e-Business Studies, Meail Business Newspaper, MBN
Sponsored by Institute of Information Technology Assessment, Integrated Forum on Electronic Commerce


Invitation to Emerging World of e-Business
 [Hot Message] Byungmoon Suh, President, Korea Culture & Content Agency
 [Greeting] Ministry of Information and Communication 
 [Welcome] Kwang Ho Kim, Chairman, Society for e-Business Studies  
 [Keynote 1] e-business on demand & Business Transformation Outsourcing, Sungyul Lee,                    CEO, IBM BCS




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International e-Biz Case Study
e-Biz Frameworks
e- Transformation
The Next Generation e-Biz Technology
Coffee Break
e-Biz Service
Web Service
e-Biz Technology
CRM Applications
e-Biz Soceity
General Congress, Society for e-Business Studies
13:00 ~ 14:00
Int'l e-Biz Case Study
Jinwha Kim
Sogang University
1.Rural E-commerce : Challenges and Opportunities
(Vason P. Srini,University of California Berkeley)
2.Brand strategy of global e-commerce Selective possibility of Korea, Japan, and America Government, Coporation and Consumer
(Yohei NISHMARU, Department of Econmoy Tokyo University, Takanari FUKUTA, Ken ITO, Interfaculty Initiative in Information Studies, Tokyo University, Yasunori FUJITA, Department of Economy, Keio University)
3.Integration of Strategic Issue Management and Knowledge in View of Strategic Information Paradigm-An Integrative Framework
(M.Mallikarjun, Nirma Institute of Management Sarkhej Gandhingagr Highway Post, Jihwan Yum, Hanyang Cyber University)
14:10 ~ 15:10
Beomsoo Kim
Yonsei University

1.The Marriage between Technology and Ecology for a Center for G2G e-Government Excellence
(Roberto Evaristo, University of lllinois at Chicago, Beomsoo Kim, Yonsei University)
2.An Ontoloty-based Knowledge Management System:Integrated System of Web information Extraction and Structuring Knowledge
(Hideki Mima, University of Tokyo)
3.Enterprise Wide Centralized Application level Access Control Using XACML
(Riaz A.. Shaikh, S.M.H. Zaidi, Saeed Rajput, Kashif Sharif, Nust Institute of Information Technology, Florida Atlantic University)
4.The Role of Trust in Government and Perceived Transaction Risks in Adopting G4C e-Government Services
(Jung Lee, Korea University, Beomsoo Kim, Yonsei University)

15:30 ~ 16:30
Myung Moo Lee
Cyber University of Foreign Studies
1.Seductive Sirens : Dangers and Opportunities for E-learning
(Michael J. Jecobson, Michael J. Jacobson, New England Complex Systems Institute)
2.'Distant Learning' based on 'Technological Restructuring'
(Takanari FUKUTA and Ken ITO, Inerfaculty Initiative in Information Studies The University of Tokyo)
3.Influencing Factors for Repurchase Intention in e-Learning Sites
(Myungmoo Lee, Inkeun Chung, Cyber University of Foreign Studies)
16:40 ~ 17:40
e-Biz Technology
Chang Hee Han
Hanyang University
1.Design and Implementation of an internet Auction System with Pricing Agents
(Minjung Ko, Yongkyu Lee, Dongguk University)
2.Buying Point Recommendation for E-commerce Systems
(Eunsil jang, Yongkyu Lee, Dongguk University)
3.The next ebXML based on UML 2.0
(Jahee KIm, Seoul National University)
4.Event-based CRM : Framework and Case
(Gouranga G. Das, Jaeho Heo, Changhee Han, Hanyang University, Jaekwang Lee, EGN system)
13:00 ~ 14:00
e-Biz Frameworks
Yonggu Ji
Soongsil University
1.Workflow Engine for Mobile-Based Healthcare System
(Sangyoung Lee, Namseoul University)
2.A Logical Framework of Comparison Shopping Effectiveness and Comparison Challenge Methodology
(Jaewon Lee, Korea University of Technology and Education)
3.Ubiquitous Business Model mapped from an internet Business Model
(Wontak Kim, Hongik University)
14:10 ~ 15:10
Hoontae Kim
Daejin University

1.Hybrid Channel and e-Transformation Strategies in Electronic Commerce
(Sehak Chun, Seoul National University of technology, Jaecheol Kim, Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology)
2.e-Transformation Strategy:From EDI to Web-based e-Business Standard Framework
(Minsoo Kim, Pukyong National University, Dongsoo Kim, Catholic University, Hoontae Kim, Daejin University, Jung-Hee Yoon, National Computerization Agency)
3.Does the Consumer Knowledge Moderate the relationship between the Information Characteristics and Word of Mouth Performance in Online Environment?
(Eunyoung Lee, Korea University of Technology and Education, Thaemin Lee, Dongseo University, Wonjun Lee, Seoul National University)


15:30 ~ 16:30
e-Biz Services
Gyoo Gun Lim
Sejong University
1.The Impact of the Vendor Firm's Competence on the Processess of IS Outsourcing Success:A Relationship Perspective
(Yunweon Seo, Hyunsoo Han, Hanyang University, Jaenam Lee, Kookmin University)
2.A Taxonomy of Mobile Game Business
(Changsu Kim, Eunhai Oh, Yeungnam University)
3.A Study on Construction & Standardization of the Mobile Banking Services based on Financial Chip for the Ubiquitous Banking
(Myungjun Han, Woori Bank, Jeein Kim, Konkuk University)
4.The Research on the Concept and Characteristics of the Personal Community Service
(Joongho Ahn, Minkyun Chae, Jiyoun Yang, Seoul National University)
16:40 ~ 17:40
CRM Applications
Hee Jun Park
Yonsei University
1.Clustering Technique for XML Data using Data Mining
(Chunsik Kim, Anyang University)
2.Wrokfolw Mining based on Heuristic Approach using Log data
(Myunghee Lee, Cheoljung Yoo, Okbae Jang, Jeonbuk Polytechnic College)
3.A Study of customer satisfaction on mobile banking service
(Joongho Ahn, Jiyoun Yang, Junghee Ahn,Seoul National University)
4.An Iterative Refinement Approach for Mining in Large-Sized Data
(Dursun Delen, Merylin kletke, Oklahoma State University, Jinhwa Kim, Sogang University)
13:00 ~ 14:00
Okhyun, Ryou
Korea Polytechnic University
1.RFID Middleware Framework for Ubiquitous Environment and Its Implementation
(Youngil Kim, Taesu Cheong, Joosang Park, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
2.RFID Middleware Roles in Digital Convergence Age
(Jeongsun Park, Myongji University, Yongjun Lee, Younghee Kim, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
3. An Approach for developing RFID Applications
(OKhyun Ryou, Jaekwang Lee, Sungho Noh, Korea Polytechnic University)
4.A Design of Distributed PML Service Architecture for Ubiquitous Logistics
(Jae Won Lee, Korea University of Technology and Education, Youngkoo Lee, Kyunghee University)
14:10 ~ 15:10
Next Generation of e-Biz Technology
Junho Shim
Sookmyung Women's University

1.Algorithms for Intelligent Web Service Discovery considering Process Information and Qos
(Jeongyoun Yu, Soyoun Yu, Kyuchel Lee, Chungnam National University)
2.Bid Pricing Based on the Learning Curve Method for Internet Bid Systems
(Sungeun Park, Yong kyu Lee, Dongguk University)
3.RFID-based Infromation management Service System Architecture
(Sewon Oh, Yongjoon Lee, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute


15:30 ~ 16:30
Web Service
Jonghun Park
Seoul National University
1.Designing an Efficient Web Service Transaction Protocol Using 2PC and THP
(Jonghun Park, Seungkyun Han, Seoul Natioanl University)
2.Consideration issues of Web Services in IPv6 Environment
(Wonsuk Lee, Minkyo In, Kangchan Lee, Jonghong Jeon, Seungyun Lee, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
3.WS-CPP(Web Services Conversation Preference Profile)
(Kangchan Lee,Wonsuk Lee, Jonghong Jeon, Seungyun Lee, Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute)
16:40 ~ 17:40
e-Biz Soceity
Jong Woo Kim
Hanyang University
1.Economic Effects Analysis on Ubiquitous Industry
(Kwanghyun Baik, Sunmoon Unviersity)
2.Research on Ontology Constructing by Delphi Technique (with Modeling Micheogul Tourist Resort)
(Youngik Kim, Minchul Kim, Hanseop Kang,Cheju National University)
3.A Study on Economic Value for Non-market Properties of e-Business
(Mincheol Kim, Cheju National University)
4.Implemetation of User Interface and Web Server for Dynamic Signature Verification
(Jinwhan Kim, Hyukgyu Cho, Youngsan University)

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